A plumber once gave me 6 months invoices at once

No more invoicing after hours and in internet cafés

I used to own multiple properties that I rented out. Because of that it felt like there wasn’t 1 week that went by where a plumber, electrician or another tradesman wasn’t doing work for me.


I received many hand written invoices while in this business. Some were more difficult to read than others and almost none of them were sent to me as soon as the work was done. That meant it took me long to pay.


Once my plumber gave me 6 months worth of invoices in 1 go. He said he couldn’t remember all the work he had done and he was guessing a little. But I had a good idea of the work and paid him. He was lucky I was a good customer.


If he used Invoice SA this wouldn’t have happened. He could have taken a few minutes before leaving my properties to create and email or WhatsApp an invoice. He would have received his money sooner.


With Invoice SA your invoicing is done quickly and easily. You don’t need any more invoice books or internet cafés. When you leave your customer you're done.