Do you ever check in on your customers

Engage with your customers

People are always looking for new customers. But do you ever check in with your old customers? Simply a phone call or even an email to see how they're doing? If you do then well done because most people don't.


It doesn't have to be complicated. Simply 'hi Nomsa, we repaired your leaking pipe 2 months ago and wanted to see if it's still good and everything else is working'. She may not need your help then, but if you call every few months then when she has a problem she'll think of you first.


Checking in with your customers is a good way to get more business. They will be impressed and it helps them remember you when they need something else. Take 5 minutes at the start of every day to phone at least 2 customers. In 1 week you've phoned 10 customers and in 1 month you've phoned over 40. If you do this month after month the chances are that you will get repeat work. Any work without advertising is the easiest and cheapest.


We keep a list of your customers and invoices. So you can phone them and ask about the work you did. All this can be done from your phone.